Deson Global finds amazing lifestyle for you: We sell products of Fortune Magazine Global 500 brands. We accept the following payment methods, such as give cash deposits to bank cashiers, online bank transfers, FPS (Faster Payment System in Hong Kong), PayPal, QR code payment, etc. After payment, we will notify the customer to pick up the product at Deson Global's office. Otherwise, we will deliver it to the designated location. Quantities are limited, and please feel free to buy. Supporting the free trade depends on your demands.

Welcome to Deson Global

Deson Global Limited should now be a proud Green Member of the HKPC's ESG One community. This membership symbolizes our unwavering dedication to raising awareness and cultivating a harmonious ESG ecosystem. Moving forward, we will continue to make impactful contributions to society through a range of ESG initiatives within the ESG One community, generating lasting value for all our stakeholders – being sustainable! 

Deson Global strongly recommends consumers, decision-makers, and purchasers purchase electrical appliances with Grade 1 energy labels. Deson Global encourages consumers, decision-makers, and purchasers to replace electrical appliances with non-Grade 1 energy labels as soon as possible. The recommendation and encouragement will help consumers, decision-makers, and purchasers to reduce wasted power resources and save more money on electricity bills. In line with the free recycling policy of regulated electrical equipment (REE), we promote recycling old electrical equipment to consumers, decision-makers, and purchasers instead of ​​casually throwing out old electrical appliances. Reducing the harmful elements contained in old electrical appliances pollute the environment. The above triple-win solution will contribute to the sustainable development of the global blue sky and green Hong Kong.

The quantity of products is limited. We recommend that customers ask to confirm the quantity of products before making the payment. Additional fee should be counted for some payment method.